Donation Tutorial

Beit Kraków would be very grateful for any financial support you are able to give us.

This simple guide explains how to make a donation.


A. Donating by bank transfer to our main account:

For taxation reasons please write “donation for…” or in polish “darowizna na…” in the transfer title.
Here is an example:

Title: donation for the Midrash Theatre

Account No.: 87114010810000218352001001 PLN     Operational Budget
IBAN: PL87114010810000218352001001 

Account No.: 60114010810000218352001002 EUR    Operational Budget
IBAN: PL60114010810000218352001002

Account No.: 33114010810000218352001003 USD    Operational Budget
IBAN: PL33114010810000218352001003

Account No.: 06114010810000218352001004 GBP    Operational Budget
IBAN: PL06114010810000218352001004

Account No.: 22114010810000218352001007 USD    Siddur – Progressive Siddur Project
IBAN: PL22114010810000218352001007

Account No.: 38114010810000218352001010 PLN    Rabbinic Fund
IBAN: PL38114010810000218352001010


Bank Name:

mBank SA



Bank Address:

ul.Augustiańska 15, 31-064 Kraków


Our address:

Stowarzyszenie Beit Kraków
ul. Augustiańska 4/26
31-064 Kraków



B. Donating by Credit Card or PayPal


1. Go to Beit Kraków website

2. Click „Donate” button on the left sidebar



3. Enter amount you wish to donate

Reference: „cele-statutowe”  means „operational budget”



4. If you wish to make donation by PayPal,  at this point login to your PayPal account account and proceed usual when paying via PayPal



5.1 If you wish to make donation by Credit Card without logging to PayPal click „Continue” (under the words “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your debit or credit


5.2 Fill the credit card detials form.

5.3 and Click „review donation and continue” button



If you have any questions, please contact us at