Kinot – Poetry Lab

The fourth Art Midrash was a Poetry Midrash realized by Anna Forystek and it was presented during…

…a night of poetry and reflection
Of contemplating destruction and renewal
And the relationship of man with G-d
Of wondering who has the right and who has the obligation to mourn
An encounter with word, sound and image
for all those who in those days
feel a creeping emptiness
and who feel the need to listen
to the lament of the Shechina
to remember the destruction
of Jerusalem… or maybe Kazimierz,
or Hrubieszow, or Brody, or Falenica,
or Ostrołęka, Przysucha, Ryki,
Warszawa, Chrzanow, Bobowa…

During the Lab Rabbi Tanya Segal held a lecture about mourning traditions, Lamentations and Kinot literature. Anna Forystek shared with the participants her creative process and how her poetry is deeply rooted in the Polish-Jewish reality. Anna also lead a workshop of creative writing, during which the participants undertook a task of writing poetic verses about the Jewish quater of Krakow – Kazimierz.

Kinot – Poetry LAB (August 2016)



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