The Dibrot Exhibitioin (2015/16)

Dibrot is the third contemporary Art Midrash, that combines painting and poetry. The title “Dibrot”, is derived from the Hebrew root Dalet-Beth-Resh meaning a word or articulation. Therefore Aseret ha-Dibrot, translated as Ten Commandments, is in fact Ten Statements, Declarations. Polish-Canadian collaboration between two young, albeit accomplished artists working in the realm of Jewish art, resulted in an innovative work of interpretation of Aseret ha-Dibrot, through words and images. The installation, co-authored by painter and set designer Aga Pinkosz (Nowak) with poet and writer Jonathan Garfinkel. Narrative questionnaire (final report) – Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund Page 4 What is a  commandment? From where does it come? Is it the voice of God or the song of ourselves? Is it the echo of our mother and father, rabbi and society, best friend and lover, embedding in us what we think of as right or wrong? Is there an objective moral imperative that exists, sewn into the fabric of the universe? Where do the commandments begin, and when do they end? Dibrot is an exploration of these questions. It is a meditation on Sinai and the street corner. It is an encounter between poet and painter, at the place where the word ends and the image begins. Dibrot was presented during the course of the Jewish Culture Festival 2016 with artist Aga Pinkosz showing the audience around the exhibition herself offering curatorial explanations as well as deeper insight into Jewish text, for those who were interested.

Dibrot during the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow (June 2016)

The Dibrot exhibition was also presented during the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow (July 2015)


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